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Handy Backup of WebDAV – try the Brand New Version 7.3.0


Dear everyone! Here comes the exciting Handy Backup software: there is a brand new shiny Handy Backup version, 7.3.0, we would say Handy WebDAV Backup!

What are the main changes, you might rightfully ask. Well, that is a fair question deserving a fair answer:

  • WebDAV plug-in. Using, Yandex.disk, JungleDisk, CloudMe, or some other cloud service supporting the WebDAV protocol? Then you can back up the data you use there or use the cloud storage space to keep some backups there, with the use of the latest Handy Backup. How cool is that?!

  • The life example. F.e., you use the service for collaborative editing of documents by the team, and somebody of your colleagues accidentally has deleted the latest version of an important file. The problem?! Not at all! Advance using of plug-in WebDAV backup allows you to make backup copies of documents and quickly recover data in case of need. (Hurray!) Also, since you’re already using storage, why not keep it not only documents of, but also other important data? Handy Backup allows you to use WebDAV-servers this and other services for the task.

  • Restore of replaced backups. From now on, for storing and restoring backups you can choose any place, move your backups between different places (for example, you can move them to your Dropbox using the new WebDAV functionality by Handy Backup!), and this will have no effect on efficient restore of those nomad backups.

  • About Handy Backup plans. Support of Amazon Glacier Store. So, Handy Backup confirms the reputation as one of the most cost-efficient solutions. Browse-able disk imaging: this will allow you to view the contents of the disk image as if it were a normal logical disk system, and restore only parts, not the whole image (image, snapshot) entirely. Such a possibility excellent saves time and, inter alia, will be very handy for backing up Windows 7, before migrating to Windows 8.

So, get aboard of the awesome data protection and share your Handy Backup 7.3.0 experience with the community on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!

P.S.: among other things, Handy Backup 7.3.0 presents an eye-candy Czech localization.