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Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk: New Edition for Online Backup!


Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk has been created to simplify backup to the popular cloud storage. The new freeware version provides users with opportunity to back up, synchronize and restore data saved in the cloud without installation of any additional applications. Yandex.Disk offers 3 GB for free after registration. The volume of the account can easily be extended to 10 GB and more as a result of few simple actions.

The freeware version of Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk allows backing up, restoring and synchronization files, folders, folders, Windows Libraries (for Windows 7 and 8), Outlook and 1C databases. The program can also deal with other types of data such as MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases after purchasing additional plug-ins.

The main advantages of Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk:

  • Automatic backup and recovery of various data types.
  • 24/4 access to files from anywhere in the world.
  • Keeping files up to date on all devices.
  • All files can be stored for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Data are transferred through secure protocol with an encryption.
  • Sharing files with other users is easy and convenient.

To take advantage of easy and convenient cloud backup you need to download the program from the official website, get the automatically generated key after simple procedure of the registration, enter the key for the activation and bind the software to your Yandex.Disk account.

Don′t miss the opportunity to protect your data for free with Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk!