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Release of Handy Backup 7.4: Flexible and Effective Database Backup to Cloud!


Handy Backup

Novosoft has updated functionality of Handy Backup to database backup and recovery. The version 7.4 provides new features for MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases and includes renewed online backup modules to make storing copies in Google Drive and HBDrive cloud more convenient and easy.

The update contains PostgreSQL backup plug-in that allows backing up one of the most popular open source SQL databases without interruption of working process. To protect data from security violations all copies of a database are saved with a help of the advanced encryption algorithms. The program can be configured to run as a Windows service and will perform all backups on time even if a user is logged off.

Broad functionality and flexible settings have made Handy Backup one of the best MySQL backup solutions for Windows and Linux. The version 7.4 has introduced into MySQL backup features an opportunity to set up whether or not to let users edit database tables during backup process.

The MS SQL plug-in has been enhanced to reduce system resource consumption and to maximize speed of recovery process. Due to the improvements users can stop for restoration only a required object instead of a whole instance.

The system of notifications was also amended to make an interaction with the program more clear and intuitive. Now users will get detailed explanation of any error inside the program and in an e-mail message.

You can easily get all benefits of advanced database backup to cloud: download the update of Handy Backup from the official website and enjoy new features of the program!