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Fast Backup by Novosoft Challenges the Data Security Solution Industry Standards


Novosoft LLC, a vendor of hard drive protection products, announced a recent release of Handy Backup software featuring record-breaking fast backup located to huge data volume meaningful management.

Alliance, Ohio, April 17, 2012 - Novosoft, an international vendor of software applications for PC protection, introduced the upcoming update of a new Handy Backup program edition. The recent application will bring high-speed backup features highly oriented to meaningful management of big data (both multiple files at a time and large data). The high-speed backup features are claimed to show the utility niche's record-breaking results, specially for differential backup. The current edition is scheduled to be launched in two weeks, with a pre-release version already achievable on the official web site.

"The world is moving faster than ever before. So, in addition to "classic" backup features a high-quality software solution is based on, like reliability and ease of use, the speed of operation has been strongly accelerating significance recently. From now on data backup and restore just have to be fast. As a data protection solution provider with a history of forming niche′s standards, we are planning to make Handy Backup the fastest backup software out there, with the new version showing outstanding results for large data," said Alexander Prichalov, the head of Novosoft Development Department.

Novosoft announced a new version of Handy Backup software. With a number of critically revised and newly implemented technologies, like rsync, the upcoming utility is claimed to be the fastest of Handy Backup′s and one the most high-speed in the backup software niche. Top efficiency is announced for large data backup, regarding the copying of big amounts of files per backup session and transferring high capacity files. The backup speed improvements are announced to be significant for transferring backups over a network.

The update will particularly boost differential backup functionality. The process of backing up files that were created or changed since the last full backup is announced to become up to five times faster than before (with the rate even higher for large data).

The new version, Handy Backup 7.2, is scheduled to be released before the 1st of May.

Read more about Handy Backup Software on the official site.