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Data Centers of Cloud Suppliers for Online Storage Service by Handy Backup Get Top Certificates


Novosoft LLC, the developer of file backup solutions, reported that cloud providers for Handy Backup online backup service have established their safety with SAS 70 certificates.

Alliance, Ohio, January 31, 2012 - Novosoft, a custom program developer and consulting service provider, announces that the cloud suppliers of the Handy Backup online storage service have once again established their effectiveness. The info centers got srongly examined receiving the SAS 70 Type 2 authorizing document, which shows the safety of advanced management and data processing in these cloud merchant companies. This data increases worth to the traditionally accepted effectiveness of Handy Backup storage alternatives (backup to FTP, Amazon S3, remote storage, and others) and makes the solution one of the corporate backup service market's strongest yet economic ones.

"Online storage service is an entity you may able to selecting with lack of attention to detail these months. With all the great participants in the cloud supplier market, you have a set of alternatives: the payment programs, storage capabilities, and, concluding but not least, the steps of file security. Back in 2011, we saw several events including main cloud breaks, with Amazon EC2 servers crash. Those events proved that cloud is not all about the benefit by default and that you must be accurate in selecting a data center," said Aleks Dow, the director of Novosoft Development Department.

"Fortunately, there is inspection for data storages. For Handy Backup online storage service we select only those data storages which safety is confirmed with the SAS 70 Type 2 authorizing document and follow to multiply cloud supplier guideline. Therefore, in possibility, with Handy Backup your small business files continue secured even, God forbids, after a nuclear strike on a data storage ( hope we never get a opportunity to verify)," noticed Mr. Dow.

The online backup service by Handy Backup is an alternative for saving files remote. The backups are safely moved to and from servers of a secured data storage and are immediately accessible on the Internet. Along with remote saving, also a professional backup tool delivers with file administration, automation, compression, and other intelligent features. In addition, there is an on-site backup another featured, with several options for saving accessible ( internal and external hard disks, network servers and network computers, FTP, SFTP, etc.).

Online backup storages are controled by professional planners. The security of backup solutions is confirmed by the SAS 70 Type 2 authorizing document. This specially includes administration and risk management, protection of data, and other control features confirmed to be easily managed.

The online data storage solutions can be reached right in the Handy Backup program wizard ( e.g. on the "Where to back up" window in the step-by-step interface), with no routine login registration required. The routine registration is however accessible on the Novosoft Handy Backup software web site.

Read more about Handy Backup Software on the official site.