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Novosoft, LLC Earns a Gold Award of MetrolExpo′2017 on the XIII Moscow International Forum


At May 17, 2017 starts the annual XIII Moscow International Innovative Forum "Precision Measurement – the Basis of Quality and Safety". The annual specialized exhibition MetrolExpo 2017 linked to the forum brings to Novosoft, LLC a gold award "for developing a cloud service NERPA.online to suit all needs of metrological departments of any level". Novosoft got this prestigious award for its ASOMI and NERPA solutions, modern software based on cloud and thin client architecture and dedicated to automate different gage calibration, metrological operations and asset-accounting activity for any area of industry

It is a sixth golden medal of this exhibition earned by Novosoft, LLC just in a row for its products. This gold award proves the principal fact of top-level positions for Novosoft, LLC solutions on the market of metrological automating software. Reliability, comfort, economical effectiveness and convenience, compatibility with any corporative and law standards of metrology make NERPA and ASOMI solutions the good choices for a business of any level, where the automation of asset controlling processes can enhance productivity and financial benefits.

The "MetrolExpo-2017" specialized exhibition and the forum "Precision Measurement – the Basis of Quality and Safety" provide a spectacular event for wide exchange of information, technologies and experience in an area of metrology. The "round table" event of the forum allows users and customers from different companies and business areas to exchange opinions and questions about the new NERPA solution from Novosoft, LLC. The strongest interest of participants of this discussion emphasized the importance of new NERPA software for automating EAM (enterprise asset management) operations.

About ASOMI and NERPA Software

The NERPA solution bases on a popular ASOMI software, designed for automating enterprise-level metrological activities. NERPA contains functionality that significantly increases the possibilities provided by ASOMI. Enhanced features of NERPA include:

  • Controlling, overviewing and planning maintenance and repair (either planned or emergency);
  • Managing warehouse supplies of assets, spare parts and expendables;
  • Providing the information about metrological assets and gages (parameters, measurement units, vendors, prices etc.);
  • Enhancing contacts between customers and vendors of gages, assets and services, including exchanging documents such as calls, bills and certificates;
  • Reporting, controlling activities and time of different operations, scheduling necessary actions.

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