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ASOMI Software Brings a New Gold Award for Novosoft LLC on MetrolExpo'2016


On an exhibition "MetrolExpo-2106" demonstrated in Moscow on May 17-19, 2016 as a part of an 11th Moscow International Forum "Precision Measurements – the Basis of Quality and Safety", Novosoft LLC was signed by another, fifth in a row gold award of an exhibition, for a company's popular ASOMI metrology management solution.

Over many years, hundreds of companies throughout the world effectively use the ASOMI system. Quick data processing architecture solutions and the innovative role-based interface make ASOMI the effective tool for engineers, staff and management personnel using the system to automate metrological routines such as gauge calibration and preventive maintenance. A high award taken by ASOMI at a fifth time is a sign of technological superiority and highest quality of the ASOMI solution.

The part of the exhibition was the traditional "round table", bringing together experts and businesspersons from different countries and areas of industry. On this "round table", the specialists of Novosoft presented a new concept of the metrological information portal called NERPA online (Enterprise Resource Planning Software Platform), which can gather all the metrological structures including vendors, service providers, regulation agencies and employees working on metrological tasks directly on different companies. This portal will be fully compatible with all features and advantages of ASOMI software, expanding the automation of metrological operations and gauge control far beyond the limitations of a single enterprise.

About MetrolExpo'2015

The 12th Exhibition of Measuring Tools and Metrological Support, MetrolExpo'2016, was held in Moscow from May 17 to May 19, 2016, as the part of the 12th Moscow International Forum "Precision Measurements – the Basis of Quality and Safety". This annual forum is a traditional event bringing together specialists from many countries of the world. The exhibition MetrolExpo'2016 was placed an exposition over 6,000 square meters. About 5,500 persons were guests of an exhibition, with a 1,200 delegates of a traditional symposium, which was a part of an exhibition.


The ASOMI software is a complete solution for automating metrological operations on an enterprise of any level, having a park of gauges from tens of units to tens of thousands of units, respectively. ASOMI is fully compatible with any industry regulations and laws, as well as with any internal rules. The basic functions of ASOMI software are automation of all metrology-related jobs including gauge calibration, preventive and emergency maintenances, part replacement, giving and controlling work orders, creating automated reports and exporting metrological data into other formats. The advantages of ASOMI are protection from human errors and predicted mishaps, economy of efforts and costs for any type of metrological operations, as well as a deep integration of metrological business processes into a common enterprise-level data workflow, enhancing the speed and quality of enterprise management.

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