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Novosoft Product News

Handy Backup 8.2.2: Introducing Enhanced Compression Algorithms and Simplified Installation


Handy Backup was updated to version 8.2.2. This release includes renewed compression algorithms library, accelerating this function, and an updated installation client providing automized configuration of Windows firewall for 64-bit versions.

New version of the Metrology Software NERPA


A new version of the ASOMI software has been released, providing new options for users. The new version is working under Linux.

Handy Backup 8.1: Centralized Network Agent Installation from the Program


We updated the Handy Backup solution to the new version 8.1! In this version, you can install remote Network Agents from the main Management Panel machine of the Server Network edition.

Handy Backup 8.0.2: Renewed PostgreSQL, WebDAV and FTP Plug-ins!


Let us show a next update of Handy Backup software solution - version 8.0.2! The new version provides optimized PostgreSQL Backup plug-in, enhances speed and stability of some other plug-ins such as WebDAV and FTP, much more informative "About Handy Backup" window.

Handy Backup 8: Renewed GUI and Enhanced Backup Speed!


Let us present you Handy Backup 8, the new, feature-packed key version of our data backup software! Renewed, modern-looking graphical interface, made basic and advanced task wizard modes, increase speed of backup up to 27 times and much more.

Novosoft was a Participant of the 14th Moscow International Forum and the Exhibition MetrolExpo′2018


On the 14 th Moscow International Innovative Forum and the MetrolExpo 2018 Exhibition, the NERPA ERP solution from Novosoft, LLC earns a gold award!

Handy Backup 7.9.6: Business Class for Cloud Backup Service


The new update of Handy Backup to the version 7.9.6 contains a completely revised Amazon S3 Backup plug-in, which now can support authorization for accessing data by using the AWS4 protocol.

Novosoft, LLC Earns a Gold Award of MetrolExpo′2017 on the XIII Moscow International Forum


At May 17, 2017 starts the annual XIII Moscow International Innovative Forum "Precision Measurement – the Basis of Quality and Safety". The annual specialized exhibition MetrolExpo 2017 linked to the forum brings to Novosoft, LLC a gold award "for developing a cloud service NERPA.online to suit all needs of metrological departments of any level".

Linux Server Backup Software


Starting with the latest version of Handy Backup, we have native Linux-oriented versions for the two main components of this popular data-keeping software, Handy Backup Server and Workstation.

Handy Backup 7.8.6: Email Backup Software via IMAP Protocol


The last update to Handy Backup, version 7.8.6, contains a completely new plug-in turning this popular utility into a fully functional email backup software, with a capability for backup webmail server information to any available storage, and automatically restore or even clone it!

ASOMI Software Brings a New Gold Award for Novosoft LLC on MetrolExpo'2016


On an exhibition "MetrolExpo-2106" demonstrated in Moscow on May 17-19, 2016 as a part of an 11th Moscow International Forum "Precision Measurements – the Basis of Quality and Safety", Novosoft LLC was signed by another, fifth in a row gold award of an exhibition, for a company's popular ASOMI metrology management solution.

Handy Backup 7.8: Google Drive Backup with New Plug-In


Starting from a new version Handy Backup 7.8.0, we include a new Google Drive Backup plug-in to all editions of Handy Backup. With this plug-in, a user can set up a Google Drive account as both a storage for backups or a data source to be backed up to some other place.

Novosoft EAM: The Modular Enterprise Asset Management System


Novosoft EAM, a newest product in our product line, is a system of computerized maintenance management, supporting enterprise assets during all the lifecycle and providing personnel with a detailed information about all components of maintenance workflow. It enables an integration with other business automation solutions. Among other functions, Novosoft EAM contains a module for creating detailed reports according to enterprise standards and state laws, as well as many useful references and guides for users of a system.

Renewed System Recovery, Hyper-V Backup and Preserving Data Attributes with Handy Backup 7.7.2


The newest version 7.7.2 of the ever-popular Novosoft product, Handy Bacjkup, brings some breaking technologies and a lot of minor changes, constantly upgrading the usefulness and the reliability of this amazing backup product.

ASOMI Software Takes a Gold Award of the MetrolExpo′2015


The 11th Moscow International Forum "Precision Measurements – the Basis of Quality and Safety" brings the company Novosoft, LLC and its ASOMI software, designed as the system of metrological management, the Gold Award of the exhibition MetrolExpo-2015, "for technological leadership in an area of automation for metrological processes".

Outlook 2013 Backup with Version 7.6.1


Dear customers! Novosoft, LLC proudly announces the new version of Handy Backup designated as 7.6.1, with full support of Outlook 2013 backup and some other principal improvements!

Linux Backup Software For Network Users And Business Tasks


To solve the problem of effective backup and fast, easy restoration of data, Novosoft LLC, one of leading companies in an area of data backup software, comes with new components of their popular and well-established Handy Backup software, dedicated for Linux server backup in mixed OS type systems.

Handy Password 4.8 - Windows 7 compatible password manager


Novosoft, an international software development and IT consulting company, specializing on backup and enterprise password management solutions, has announced that Handy Password manager is now compatible with Windows 7 - the latest released system of the Microsoft Windows line.

Release of Handy Backup 7.4: Flexible and Effective Database Backup to Cloud!


Novosoft has released the updated version of Handy Backup with advanced features for backing up popular databases.

Handy Backup for Yandex.Disk: New Edition for Online Backup!


Novosoft has introduced the new freeware version of Handy Backup to make backing up to Yandex.Disk cloud storage more widespread.

HBDrive - The Brand New Cloud Storage for Backups!


We have created a new online backup service HBDrive that provides users with opportunity to back up right to the cloud.

Handy Backup 7.3.3 provides a new level of performance and stability


Novosoft LCC released an enhanced version of its popular backup software. The major improvements are focused on the operational stability of the software.

Handy Backup of WebDAV – try the Brand New Version 7.3.0.


Here comes the exciting Handy Backup software: there is a brand new shiny Handy Backup version, 7.3.0, we would say Handy WebDAV Backup.

Novosoft Handy Backup New Version Brings Network Backup for Logged Out Users and Poetic French Localization


Novosoft LLC, the data backup solution provider, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup software featuring advanced network backup and new localizations.

High Backup Speed: New Handy Backup Software Pushes the Boundaries


Novosoft LLC, a reliable backup solutions provider, released a new version of Handy Backup, which boasts high speed backup in IT industry.

Fast Backup by Novosoft Challenges the Data Security Solution Industry Standards


Novosoft LLC, a vendor of hard drive protection products, announced a recent release of Handy Backup software featuring record-breaking fast backup located to huge data volume meaningful management.

Data Restore Plan You Want to Have: Get Ready to Rightfully Manage Your Data


Novosoft LLC, the global data security provider, announced a series of trainings covering the most critical yet insufficiently addressed tasks of disaster recovery.

Hot Disk Imaging and Entire Computer Cloning in Next-Gen Handy Backup Utility


Novosoft LLC, the provider of next-gen file backup software, introduced the hot image backup functionality of Handy Backup utility. The new app edition is to take system snapshots on the run.

Powerful Linux Image Backup for Mixed OS Networks Solution Functionality Announced by Novosoft


Novosoft LLC, the provider of data backup program, released new functionality for the Handy Backup program. The solution is to bring Linux server backup for computers in mixed OS networks.

Data Centers of Cloud Suppliers for Online Storage Service by Handy Backup Get Top Certificates


Novosoft LLC, the developer of file backup solutions, reported that cloud providers for Handy Backup online backup service have established their safety with SAS 70 certificates.

Hard Drive Cloning and Backup Email Notification New Opportunities in Handy Backup


Novosoft LLC, the developer of data backup software, announced the release of new version of Handy Backup. The utility brings enhanced image backup.

Hard Disk Drive Imaging and Cloud Storage Among Corporate Data Backup Trends in 2011


Novosoft LLC, a provider of acclaimed data backup tools, introduced a report on business data backup trends in 2011 and predictions for backup server strategies in 2012.

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