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Simple password manager - Handy Password

Handy Password 4.0

Handy Password is a secure and simple password manager designed for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. It allows you to save login information and enter it with one click in your browser. Handy Password reliably stores your passwords in a file encrypted with 128-bit encryption algorithm.

Simple password manager can save site logins, fill web forms them and log into websites automatically. Bookmarks manager make one's Internet surfing activity a pleasure. A password generator creates strong random passwords, which are really hard to break. A secure password manager has long become a necessity in everyday online activity, as it helps to manage and secure site and email logins, bank accounts and other valuable personal information.

Now Handy Password can store your personal info not only on your local computer, but on email server! So you can easily use passwords and other personal info, stored on your email server, from any computer where Handy Password is installed.


  • keep your login information and submit online form with one click
  • login to sites automatically
  • secure password saving
  • guaranteed technical support

Key features

  • Secure password manager
  • Fill web-forms automatically
  • Bookmark manager
  • Password generator

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