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Novosoft Product News Archive 2006-2009

Novosoft Releases Handy Backup for Android v. 1.3 Bundled with Online Backup Service


Novosoft releases a new version of Handy Backup for Android, a data backup tool for Android-powered smartphones, now with support for Online backup.

Novosoft Announces Marketing Strategy for Handy Backup for Android


Novosoft, one of the leading providers of data backup solutions worldwide, today announced the intention to use Handy Backup for Android, their data backup tool for Android-powered phones, to promote Novosoft Remote Backup Service.

Novosoft Releases Backup Software for Android Mobile Devices


Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions worldwide, announces Handy Backup for Android, a data backup and restore utility for Android-based phones.

"We started working on compatibility with Android in early spring of this year," said Alexander Prichalov, head of Novosoft Product Department. "The first beta came out in March, and it was a client software that allowed a PC version of Handy Backup access and back up phone's data. After collecting user feedback, we saw a huge demand for a standalone Android backup tool, so we immediately started working to come up with a solution."

Novosoft Releases Backup Software for Windows 7


Novosoft, an international software development and IT-consulting company, today announced the release of a new Windows 7-certified version of Handy Backup, award-winning data backup and disaster recovery software.

"As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we had access to a rich set of technical resources including Partner Knowledge Base that enabled us to make Handy Backup compatible with all the powerful new features within Windows 7," said Alexander Prichalov, head of Novosoft Product Department. "We hope that the new certification logo will distinguish our product from the competition and help Handy Backup become user's first choice in backup software for Windows 7".

Novosoft Releases Backup Software for Windows 7

Novosoft Releases Backup Solution for IBM DB2 Data Servers


Novosoft, one of the leading manufacturers of backup software worldwide, today announced that the new version of their backup utility Handy Backup received the "Ready for IBM DB2 Data Server" technical certification. Now companies that use DB2-based IBM applications to manage e-commerce, CRM and other business solutions are enabled to protect their business at a new level of quality.

Ready for IBM DB2 Data Server

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New Version 4.5.4 of Handy Password Form Filler


We are glad to introduce a new 4.5.4 version of Handy Password manager. Handy Password is a multifunctional password manager with a multi-user password database, combined with a form filler and a bookmark manager. In new 4.5.4 version, we successfully fixed several issues and made graphical user interface even more simple and effective.

Novosoft Releases Backup Software for IBM Lotus Servers


Novosoft, an international IT-consulting and software development company, today announced the release of a new backup solution for IBM Lotus servers, now with the "Ready for IBM Lotus" technical certification. The certification designates that Handy Backup has met all compatibility specifications established by IBM, and further reinforces the utility as people's first choice in Lotus backup software.

Novosoft Partners with Oracle to Deliver Backup Solution for Oracle Databases


Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions for Windows-based servers, today announced that they partnered with Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq:ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software company, to deliver high-quality backup solution for users of Oracle databases.

Novosoft Becomes Microsoft Gold Partner


Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions worldwide, today announced that they have achieved the status of Gold Partners with an ISV/Software Solutions Competency in the Microsoft Partnership Program. The main factor that allowed the company to earn the status was certification of their flagship product Handy Backup for the Microsoft's "Works with Windows Server 2008" logo.

Handy Password Has Gained Password Recovery Feature


Handy Password, one of the leading password management programs on the market, was enhanced with completely new password recovery feature. From now on Handy Password can not only efficiently manage and store your passwords, but also restore the ones which were forgotten or lost. Wide list of options lets you specify all the details that you remember about your lost password and make password recovery process fast and efficient. The new feature makes Handy Password even more functional password management solution.

Novosoft Becomes Microsoft Certified Partner


Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions, announced that it has earned certified status in Microsoft Partner Program with an ISV/Software Solutions Competency. The main factor that has allowed the company to earn the status was completion of certification testing of Novosoft's key product, Handy Backup.

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft Now Supports Oracle Online Backup


Up to 30% discounts for purchasing secure storage space on Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC till the end of July! New version of remote backup software is already available!

We announce the new release of remote backup software. ODBC Database backup online, backup DB2 online and Exchange online backup plug-ins work was enhanced to be even more reliable. Exchange server backup is now available without service stopping.

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Backup Storage Statistics on


Top backup storage devices on Visit to see the detailed statistics on what backup devices people use to protect critical data. - a mine of backup news, backup resources and backup articles glad to announce the results of Data Backup Poll. What backup device do you use? This was a question about backup storage which website visitors were invited to answer.

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Remote Backup Service by Novosoft Now Supports Oracle Online Backup


Novosoft LLC started new service and glad to provide Online Backup Service users with Oracle online data server backup. This is an innovative database online backup solution for Oracle databases which offers advantages in the attitude of both hot and cold backup.

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Novosoft Remote Backup to Provide Online Backup for T-Mobile G1


Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC announces support for personal data backup on T-Mobile G1 mobile phone (widely known as the Google phone).

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Remote Backup Service by Novosoft to Support IBM DB2 Servers Backup


This new enhanced functionality safeguards business processes running on IBM systems, while the average end user inherits all the benefits of the upgraded structure of the online data storage service for even more efficient remote data backups.

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Handy Password was enhanced with Firefox 3 toolbar


Handy Password, a password manager by Novosoft LLC, was upgraded to the new version, which makes it a Mozilla Firefox 3 password manager. The program now provides full support for this web browser, allowing to automatically log in to websites and services and to automatically fill in, save and submit web forms.

Handy Backup 6.2 has been certified for Windows Vista!


The latest version 6.2 of Handy Backup and Handy Backup Server qualified for the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo. Now all users of the software will receive higher security of their data than ever before!

In order to be awarded the logo Handy Backup had to undergo multiple updates and fixes regarding reliability, security and compatibility with premium features of Windows Vista. Learn more about Windows Vista backup...

The program has also been made compatible with non-Windows platforms (when run under Wine) and can be used for Linux backup.

Download Handy Backup 6.2.

Backup Software Updated - Handy Backup 6.1


Novosoft key products Handy Backup and Handy Backup Server have been updated. The latest versions of the software Handy Backup 6.1 and Handy Backup Server 6.1 - provide numerous improvements and some new features that make working with the program easier, faster and more efficient. Due to improved sorting mechanics that allow arranging backup, restore and synchronization tasks by name, task type, status and other parameters users can now easily manage their tasks and find ones they would like to execute, change or remove.

New versions of the backup software provide the opportunity to import/export program configuration in just a few mouse clicks. Program settings can be saved in a simple ZIP format and retrieved after new version installation or just to change the way of data protection.

And after all, Handy Backup now includes presets that allow performing Outlook 2007 backup and Windows Mail backup that means fully automated searching and copying messages, contacts and settings of these applications.

Novosoft LLC Presents New Corporate Password Manager


A new 4.3 version of Handy Password intended especially for using within organizations has been released by Novosoft LLC. New functionality introduced in Handy Password 4.3 will allow enterprises to maintain their Corporate Security Policy by making corporate password management as easy, secure and efficient as possible. With Handy Password 4.3 logins and passwords used to access corporate services will be fully protected from theft, loss or using to cause damage to private property. The new version provides system administrators with an option allowing them to obtain full control over corporate passwords. They can either restrict or grant user access to an enterprise network service at any time by simply changing some lines in password database inaccessible to users. While automatically logging into corporate resources, user will not know what logins and passwords are used as they will be invisible to him. Everything he will know is a Master password assigned by the administrator and needed to start working with the program.

Handy Password Databases Become Available from Any PC


A new 4.0 version of Handy Password has been released. Handy Password 4.0 presents principally new for such class of programs approach to managing user data. Due to its unique and extremely useful feature appeared in this release, the application now provides an opportunity to save its database, including logins, passwords, identities and offline information as well, to an e-mail server and get it accessible anytime and anywhere.

To start using the new "Save database on the e-mail address" option it is enough to enable it after an update or a new installation and specify an e-mail address to save the program database to. After that the application stores all user data to the specified account. In this way the user gets access to his data no matter on what computer he works. It's enough to get Handy Password installed on this machine. The program will automatically log in to the e-mail box and import user database. While working on a computer the application uses this database to automatically log in to all previously visited sites, fill out web forms and save new information, but after the work is over the program related data will be swept from the machine, resaved to the e-mail box and ready to be used when needed.

For details refer to Handy Password website.

Mozilla Firefox adherents will appreciate Handy Password


Novosoft's password manager and form filler Handy Password can now work not only with Internet Explorer, but with such well-liked web browser as Mozilla Firefox, as well. After installing the version 3.9 of Handy Password, just as with IE, the application features can be accessed either through system tray or Handy Password toolbar built in the browser. So Firefox users can also automatically fill in web forms of any complexity and keep their passwords fully protected. In addition they can take advantage of one more new option, unavailable in IE case, the matter concerns "Clear fields" item in the program context menu. By selecting this item the user assures cleaning all or a few of incorrectly filled form fields in a split of second, which is particularly useful when working with complex web forms.

For details refer to Handy Password website.

Handy Backup functionality has been considerably enlarged


Novosoft developers have released a new version of the popular backup application. With Handy Backup 5.4.7 seven additional interface languages become available. Now the program language set includes Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. But the most important innovation is that the new version provides an opportunity to automatically back up more large range of data including files, settings, playlists and skins of such widely used programs as ACDSee, AOL Instant Messenger, Mozilla Suite, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Spybot - Search & Destroy, The Bat Pro, Total Commander, Winamp, WinRar, WinZip, Windows Media Player 10, Yahoo Messenger. Backup of the listed above applications data can be performed after installing an appropriate plug-in downloaded for free from the product web site. The process is quite easy due to the free plug-ins search, download and install option, which enables users to search for plug-ins on the Handy Backup web site directly from the program interface, then download and add them with one click of the mouse.

For details refer to product website Handy Backup.

Next version of Handy Backup has been released


The latest, multilingual version of the popular backup application has been modified. The new build 5.4.5 provides two additional language interfaces - Russian and Korean, as well as much more convenient access to the trial online storage account registration page. An online account is being used when backing up with Handy Backup Online service. It can be registered by any Handy Backup user and allows saving backup copies to an online storage space. The trial account is a special bonus, delivered to everyone who downloaded Handy Backup software. This means 100 Mb of storage space that can be used for free during 10 days by unregistered users and 30 days by those, who purchased the program. For the moment, to register a trial account it's enough to press the Get Sample Account button that appears after checking up the Handy Backup Online option.

For details refer to product website Handy Backup.

Handy Password becomes more user friendly


Newly released version of the program - Handy Password 3.8.0 provides users the opportunity to run web search without entering the web page of the preferred search engine or downloading its toolbars. To use the needed server it is enough to choose it in the dropdown menu of the search box built in the Handy Password's toolbar.

For details refer to Handy Password website.

Novosoft announced the release of Handy Backup 5.4 with multilingual support


The number of potential users of Handy Backup has considerably grown up as the new version of the application supports not only English but other languages. For the moment Handy Backup users can switch between English and Spanish, but in the future the number of languages provided by default will be increased. In addition users are encouraged to create their own language interfaces. This opportunity is due to the new language configuration system that relies now on xml-files including all the texts displayed in the program. These files are easy to modify, so all level of computer users could make particular translations of Handy Backup using Notepad or any other text editor.

For details refer to product website Handy Backup.

Novosoft presents Handy Password 3.6


On June 19, 2006 new version of Handy Password has been released. Now the program is brought to perfection - some errors are corrected and it contains all the features of previous releases, so users can manage their passwords much more effectively and securely.

For details refer to Handy Password website.

Handy Backup 5.3 with new "Rebind" function


New version of the program supports a "rebind" function. It allows to make incremental backup your files from server with saving Internet-traffic and money.

For starting of this operation you can bring all necessary information or send it on CD/DVD to server-center, push "rebind" and Handy Backup will backup just renew and updated files from your home or work PC. You don't have to transport huge amount of information by Internet or send megabits of data by e-mail. You copy files to CD/DVD, post this disk and click button "Rebind" in Handy Backup 5.3.

New version of Handy Backup has released


New version has an ability of offline registration. It means a user can setup and start the program without entering to Internet. Also backup engine has been improved.

Handy Backup 5.1 with updated CD/DVD writing library


The program has updated CD/DVD writing library that functions more sustained and supports additional writing devices. Moreover, several bugs from previous versions were fixed..

New Handy Password 3.4 can save offline cards


Handy Password has been improved. Nowadays you can create cards with offline information. Emergency contact; calling cards; passport or voter registration data; social security card; product warranty; closing size; gift ideas for her or for him and a lot of other information can be kept in Handy Password 3.4. Users have an opportunity to save, search and print all offline cards they need. And more good-looking and usable interface gives you pleasant time of working in Internet.

Moreover, Handy Password 3.4 presents fifteen free cards to any Internet user. If you want to save only 15 or less data-cards by this program you can use it absolutely free - just download Handy Password.


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