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Novosoft Product News Archive 2004-2005

Happy Holidays!


Christmas and New Year holidays present us a wonderful opportunity to wish our friends and colleagues all of the best that life can give at next year.
Novosoft LLC wants to wish you many sweet moments of celebrations and a lot of good time at 2006. We sure New Year will bring health and success to you, peace and welfare to your family. And holidays will be full of smiles, fun and happiness. Prosperous, creative and productive 2006 year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Novosoft LLC Team

Handy Backup 5.0 Service for professionals

Novosoft LLC offers new service Online Handy Backup to solve problem of data loss. Novosoft has developed Handy Backup 5.0 Service for professionals. It gives an opportunity to start the application in a Windows service mode. This allows users to set up backup schedule and options once and have backup processes always started in time even if no user logged in. That helps to avoid objectionable consequences namely the program malfunction and data loss as a result.

New service from Novosoft LLC - Remote Backup Service

Novosoft LLC offers new Remote Backup Service to solve problem of data loss. It gives an opportunity to copy files of any format to Internet-server and includes many convenient options. Remote Backup Service keeps all your important documents in perfect security. Our Data Center is located in professional secured underground shelter in USA. Moreover, our program supplies with Secure FTP to send any format files from your computer to server using strong encryption. So you can be sure your data always will be safe.

For details refer to service website Remote Backup Service.

Handy Password 3.3 with improved GUI and performance

Novosoft LLC has released new version of Handy Password. Renewed Graphical user interface and increased performance make this program still more convenient and more pleasant.

Handy Password 3.3 is provided for feedback simpliciter. Now if you have a problem with the program using, you don't need to send us a letter or call us. Handy Password 3.3 report about program errors to our specialists and they'll send to you an e-mail with recommendation and will help you with the first stage of using of Handy Password 3.3.

Handy Backup 4.8 released

If you consider necessary to save reserve copies of your web-site data stored on FTP-server to CD, DVD or local directories you may need a new version of Handy Backup. This program allows backing up and synchronizing any files from FTP-server to other storage so that you have all versions of your ftp data or web-pages.

Handy Password 3.2.0 fills online-forms automatically

New version of Handy Password allows automatically saving each online-form you fill in. Now you can be free from submitting any form in Internet because Handy Password 3.2.0 can save all fields that you have ever filled in.

A new version of Handy Backup for new ICQ version

Novosoft LLC has released Handy Backup 4.7.1. This version can save new ICQ version files. And now it compresses files using ZIP 64 format.

Novosoft signed an agreement with MMC "Norilsk Nickel"

Novosoft signed an agreement with MMC "Norilsk Nickel" to put into commercial operation and further support of Automatized System of Metrological Data Processing that has developed jointly for two years.

Novosoft Product Department released Handy Backup 4.6.5.

Handy Backup 4.6.5 has become easier to use. It has Simple Wizard to create new items. The program automatically sets up all difficult and minor options. You just need to point: how often, where and when will your data be saved. Now automated backup to DVD, CD, USB flash drives and any FTP server can be done with a few clicks.

Handy Password has been improved

Novosoft Product Department has announced a new Handy Password 2.3.0 release. New design and options of Handy Password makes working with the program more pleasant. In addition new version has new function allowing to print cards you need.

Novosoft team met with European partners

Novosoft top-managers visited Holland and German partners. During the visit Novosoft and digitalSafe discussed current issues and future team-work plans.

New product release - Handy Password 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 has "bookmarks" allowing to login to your favorite sites with only one click. Now you can use the toolbar as an efficient replacement of the IE "Links" toolbar.

Office Backup 2.5 released

Office Backup 2.5 version increase range of planner functions. The program allows to save, load and change scheduling scheme.

General Electric is Novosoft Customer

General Electric branch offices entrust security of important data to Handy Backup. It chooses Novosoft programs to make their employees work easier and more comfortable.

Handy Backup has been improved

Handy Backup 4.6 has easier-to-use DVD working interface. New version can backup your Favorites, Desktop, Network Neighborhood and some other Windows settings. Moreover, DVD version takes smaller space. It reduced from 8.5 Mb to 2.5 Mb.

Handy Password 2.1.0 creates safely password for you

New Handy Password version has a Password Generator. It creates 4-20 symbols long random passwords. You can use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols for password generation.

New product - Handy Password 2.0.0 released

New Handy Password version has a tray agent. It contains tray icon which allow you to work with toolbar more quickly and easier. And now you can open the Edit Cards and Settings windows without an IE window opened.

Secure Handy Backup certified by Deloitte

Secure version of Handy Backup software was tested and recommended by Deloitte. Member of "Big four" consulting companies declares SHB the reliable and safe program.

Novosoft signed an agreement with digitalSafe

Novosoft will develop a special customized Handy Backup version with improved security of online data transfer for digitalSafe services. This program use Secure FTP protocol with strong RSA encryption.

New Handy Password version released

Novosoft Product Department has announced a new Handy Password 1.4.0 release. Nowadays working with this program is more comfortable. Control Window and Settings to edit Cards, Security and Update settings. Help options are also available in the Main Menu. New version can fill and save data on websites with frames.


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