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Mobile MRO with Flexible Interface

NERPA EAM is an enterprise asset management system that is designed to account equipment and other main assets, monitor technical condition, effectively manage maintenance and repair, plan and control work and costs. NERPA EAM can be implemented at enterprises of any scale and used anywhere in the world.

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NERPA EAM system on mobile devices

Mobile MRO is the possibility of using the NERPA EAM system on mobile devices.

  • Ability to implement the NERPA EAM system into a corporate website/portal.
  • Universal mechanism of information searching, construction of data filters.
  • Ability to perform group operations on the objects of the system.
  • Customize the user interface with the ability to adjust the amount and composition of information displayed for a particular employee.
  • Multilanguage support.

Always in Touch - Working Community

NERPA EAM system on mobile devices
  • Corporate internal chat in NERPA EAM - instant messaging between users.
  • Corporate internal forum for collective discussion of work issues.
  • With mobile MRO all employees are in the NERPA EAM system throughout the enterprise, anywhere in the world.
  • The function of mass notifications/announcements.
  • Corporate blog of the employee.

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