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We provide technical support and assistance for you, should you have any problems with our software, any questions or suggestions. Please be as complete as possible in your request - the better you describe the problem the sooner we will be able to solve it.

Before contacting our support team you may want to read our Online Product Manuals and FAQ. Possibly your question is answered on these pages.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

For registered users:

  • Free technical support by email. We guarantee response time - 2 business days.
  • Patches, fixes, extended help and other related information.
  • registered@handybackup.net

For unregistered users:

Contact Information

Tel: +7 383 330 34 69, GMT+7, EST+12

Skype: novosofthelp

backup to ftp Once you point how often Handy Backup has to save your documents. And then it makes scheduled backup process.
bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.
RTF TO XML Convert your RTF to PDF, RTF to HTML, RTF to XSL FO with RTF TO XML converter.
Freeware & Shareware software SoftEmpire.com helps you to find resources for software development: software development utilities , IDE & Editors, software development ActiveX etc.
website testing tool Testing master is a automated testing tool for analyzing of performance characteristics and bottlenecks of your web site.
Backup to HD-DVD Backup to HD-DVD with Novosoft Office Backup - the perfect way to keep your data safe.
Remote backup solution If you need to protect your data from loss, try to use Novosoft Remote Backup Service. It is the best solution for remote backup.
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