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Handy Backup™

Handy Backup Handy Backup is an easy-to-use backup program designed for an automatic backup and restoration of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media including CD-RW/DVD devices, flash drives and remote FTP servers.

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Handy Backup Server™

Handy Backup Server Handy Backup Server is powerful server backup software specially designed for the management of workstation backup via centralized server.

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Cloud Backup Service HBDrive

Remote backup with Novosoft Remote Backup Service Cloud Backup Service HBDrive gives you an opportunity to copy files of any format to our Internet-server. With HBDrive you can upload to server, save and keep, restore and retrieve necessary documents.

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Novosoft ASOMI

Novosoft ASOMI Novosoft ASOMI — The Automatized Controlling System For Metrologic Processes. The ASOMI software package was created by Novosoft LLC for enterprise-level business purposes in the sphere of metrology. It can control a park of metrological tools and gauges sized from tens to many thousands of different units.

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Novosoft EAM NERPA EAM is an automated enterprise assets management system. This solution provides a full cycle of the asset management operations, including financial issues, reports and typical solutions for different cases.

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Novosoft EAM CRM system NERPA — is program that automatizes client relationship management. Implementation of CRM at the enterprise simplifies customer accounting and maintenance of client base. CRM software is a part of NERPA system.

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Novosoft SCADA NERPA SCADA — Software System For Controlling Real-Time Processes. The SCADA software created by Novosoft LLC is a complex IT tool designed for real-time controlling and monitoring of technical processes.

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Handy Password

Handy Password 3.4 Handy Password is a convenient and secure password manager designed for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP. It allows you to save login information and enter it with one click in your browser. Handy Password reliably stores your passwords in a file encrypted with 128-bit encryption algorithm.

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Novosoft Office Backup

Novosoft Office Backup 3.0 Novosoft Office Backup is a usable and reliable backup software designed for backupping and restoring your documents and important files. Strong file encryption and multi-choice zip compression on the fly, as well as many other useful features, will protect your data.

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RTF TO XML 5.2.1 RTF TO XML converts RTF documents (for example, MS Word documents saved in the Rich Text format) into well-formed XML, PDF, HTML, PostScript, TXT, PCL, SVG, AWT, Print, MIF and other printable and viewable formats.

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Testing Master

Testing Master 1.0 Testing Master is a load and stress testing tool, which helps you to test the performance characteristics and bottlenecks of your web site. With Testing Master you can quickly get the vital information about how your Web system performs under various load conditions.

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Novosoft Projects

 Softempire.com  - software downloads

Softempire.com Softempire - is a large resource of freeware and shareware software to everybody's taste. On Softempire.com you can download different utilities, games, multimedia software, software for pocket PC, educational programs and many other.

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Password Management .net

Password Management .net Password Management .net is a web directory devoted to the issues of password management including such topics as password security, password recovery etc. On this website you can find password articles, as well as download password software.

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backup to ftp You can use Handy Backup to store all important files by backup to ftp.
bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.
RTF TO XML RTF TO XML Converter is an easy way to convert RTF to PDF, RTF to HTML, RTF to XSL FO.
Freeware & Shareware software On SoftEmpire.com you can find any type of software downloads utilities, games etc.
test your web site Testing Master is website testing tool for website speed test and evaluation bottlenecks easy and efficiently.
Registry backup Novosoft Office Backup automatically creates Registry backup
Remote data backup Remote data backup, synchronization and restoration with Novosoft Remote Backup Service. Try it now.
Backup Utilities Find the best backup software for you at Backuputilities.net. There are a lot of software reviews in Backup to DVD section.