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The Modular CMMS Solution - NERPA Asset Management

NERPA Asset Management is an automated enterprise assets management system. This solution provides a full cycle of the asset management operations, including financial issues, reports and typical solutions for different cases.

The objectives of the NERPA Asset Management system implementation at the enterprises of different levels are significant reduction for maintenance and repair costs, optimization of personnel actions (providing automated workstations for any operations type), and integrated asset management.

Key Features of NERPA Computerized Maintenance Management System

Reducing Asset Management Costs Enhancing the Effectiveness

The EAM software solution allows minimizing losses and costs for unplanned maintenance operations, assets and personnel downtime, as well as significantly prolonging assets lifecycle.

For enterprise asset management, this system includes functions of analyzing and controlling enterprise assets management. The regular analysis of efficiency allows identifying and addressing emerging issues.

The Information Support for a Personnel

The EAM software provides different reports and contains a variety of documents, including of regulatory and industry standards, provided at the disposal of tech specialists and managers. This information can help any employee in every situation to make the right decision.

Long-term Financial Planning

With this CMMS system functions and modules, the managing enterprise staff can effectively plan a strategy for the maintenance and repair costs, logistics operations, etc. This function can greatly facilitate the formation of the budget in terms of asset management.

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The Basic Functionality of NERPA Asset Management

Inventory Management

The EAM system keeps track of inventory, including equipment, tools, spare parts and consumables required to service and repair the company's assets, as well as monitors the usage (consumption) of these resources during the workflow.

Service Costs Calculations

EAM software automatically calculates the cost of running maintenance operations, assets, consolidates data from the accounting systems and generates a budget for all works and services, in accordance with existing credentials.

Providing the Reference Information

The EAM solution creates and maintains up to date a variety of references and directories, including information on employees, on the state of equipment, on the official regulations and standards, etc. All reference data are kept in a common electronic document repository.

Effective Work and Performance Management

For management personnel, the EAM system provides all the necessary information that can help make the right decisions on any issues, including joint solutions for performance assets management. It also provides workstations (AWS) to help employees manage all aspects of work.

Creating Reports

The EAM software enables you to generate reports on any aspect of the work undertaken. The format of reports can be flexibly adjusted in accordance with the enterprise or state regulatory standards. There are also the functions for importing accounting data from other applications.

Monitoring Operations and Jobs

With the EAM system, employees and management personnel can monitor all operations and jobs in a real-time mode, including maintenance work, supply of equipment and materials, the efficiency of the staff, the need for their education, etc.

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Extra Modules

The NERPA Asset Management package can be integrated with extra modular software components for controlling different enterprise-level business processes. Here are described some of these modular solutions.

Novosoft SCADA

SCADA is the software package for technological process control of the enterprise in a real-time basis, including the automatic ordering, withdrawal and the formation of the control signals on the boards of industrial controllers in the local enterprise network.

Novosoft BPMS

BPMS is the system for modeling and management of business processes at various levels. The package includes tools for formalization, visualization, business intelligence and engineering, as well as for automation of execution for the business processes described by such way.

Novosoft ECM

ECM is the software module designed for enterprise-level electronic document management. Implementation of this package allows you to optimize the movement, storage and use of various types of documents, including files provided by different regulatory enactments.

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