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Enterprise Resource Planning Software Platform – the NERPA


NERPA is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, based on the Web interface and unified, customizable platform with ERP modules.

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The Basics of the NERPA ERP Solution

The NERPA solution is fully functional, multi-modular ERP software for enterprise resource planning. It uses either a localized server-level ERP implementation or a cloud ERP platform as a mainframe, and provides the Web interface with many languages that uses ERP international and local terms and rules.

Key Features of NERPA ERP Platform

System Integration for All Business Processes and Departments

The primary goal of NERPA solution is to automate as many enterprise-level business processes as possible, including almost all aspects governed by enterprise resource planning systems. The set of available, customizable modules for different business-level tasks includes:

  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management).The enterprise asset management solution integrating these tasks into the ERP system.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Clients. The module for managing a client base, calling for contacts, assisting sales etc.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Orders. Tracking and controlling orders, sells, price lists and contracts.

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The electronic document management module simplifies and unifies document workflow.

  • HR (Human Resources). This module governs all operations with personnel and HR activities.

  • FA (Financial Analysis). The financial module controlling payments, bills, financial reports and so on.

  • Inventory. This is the module for automating different inventory and warehouse operations.

  • BI (Business Information). The module for business information and making reports according to other modules.

Web Interface for Computers and Mobile Devices

NERPA provides a simple, comprehensible Web interface for desktop, laptop and mobile units. The Web-based client side requires no installation, saving time and money for an enterprise. All interface components are also multi-language, providing comfortable operations for users from any country.

Quick Introduction and Installation with ERP Module Architecture

The NERPA is a fully customizable solution that users can quickly tune up to rules, regulations and laws of any country, branch of industry or a particular enterprise. A customer can choose between installing NERPA at some local server and using a fully functional network version based on secure cloud.

Multi Language ERP Implementation

The NERPA contains a customizable, multi-language implementation that users can quickly set up according to ERP international, local or government standards, regulations and terms. You can customize every parameter or data, from terms and names to specific indexes and references.

Role Model for Data Access: Additional Security and Comfort

Users have an access to a set of tools according to their roles in the enterprise resource planning workflow. This model not only secures crucial data from unauthorized access but also simplifies all works with a system for a particular employee who has have only the information that he or she needs!

Advantages of NERPA Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Besides the key features described above, the architecture and implementation of the NERPA solution give the next advantages for the enterprise:

  • Modest requirements for hardware to install ERP system (or up to no, for cloud version).
  • High security, due to role-based model of data access for different employees.
  • Selectable modular configuration allows optimizing introduction and possession cost.
  • Users can customize most parameters and functions of the basic ERP platform for their needs.

The ERP Platform Requirements

This particular ERP implementation has only one requirement a local network stable and fast enough to support operations via the Web interface. A cloud-based ERP version has also a requirement for Internet connection to link with a cloud.

Note: Any particular ERP implementation for NERPA will have its specific set of hardware requirements, based on such factors as the total size of different databases used in ERP, the set of ERP modules and a quantity of users connected to the ERP system. Still, these requirements will not be too big to afford!

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